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About Kush Construction and Coatings

Kush Construction and Coatings offer sandblasting and painting services for Central Nebraska including Columbus and the surrounding area. We can sandblast and repaint or coat virtually any surface, structure or piece of agricultural, automotive, commercial or industrial equipment.

Surfaces we repaint and coat in Central Nebraska include brick, concrete, metal and wood. Structures and buildings we can sandblast include sheds, barns, garages, construction trailers, even entire manufacturing facilities. Likewise, we can sandblast a wide variety of equipment including trucks, trailers, storage tanks and automobile parts.

Kush Construction and Coating are experienced with all types of painting and coating and are trusted by customers across Nebraska. We are also insured and bonded.

We offer affordable sandblasting for Central Nebraska:

We offer affordable painting for Central Nebraska:

Click here to see a list of communities in Central Nebraska that we serve with our sandblasting and painting services.

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