Professional Commercial and Industrial Painting for Central Nebraska

When your Central Nebraska business needs an affordable and professional painting or coating, call Kush Construction and Coatings. We are a full-service commercial and industrial painting company that provides painting services in the area surrounding Columbus, NE.

We offer a large selection of colors and coatings to meet all your commercial and industrial painting needs in the area surrounding Columbus, NE.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhether your company needs a new coating for its facility floor or new paint on the exterior of the building, we can handle the project. Kush Construction and Coatings has a strong focus on customer satisfaction and only use high quality coatings and paints that had withstand the harsh Nebraska weather.

Paint booth for production painting

We can also handle production painting at our large paint booth. Our paint booth measures 50’ by 140’ and can handle all your painting options. We handle production painting, often handling hundreds of pieces at a time.

We can paint or coat almost any surface, structure or product including:

  • Brick exterior painting
  • Metal exterior painting
  • Commercial building painting
  • Factory floor sealing
  • Concrete floor sealing
  • Epoxy for commercial /industrial flooring
  • Floor coating
  • Epoxy floors / Epoxy top finish
  • Urethane floor sealers
  • Polyurethane sealers

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