<h1>Professional Residential Painting for Central Nebraska</h1>

The buildings and equipment at your home is a point of pride. So when painted surfaces at your Central Nebraska residence need refinishing, call Kush Construction and Coatings. We are experienced in painting and coatings and we can restore painted surfaces to like new condition.

We are a painting company that provides residential painting services in the area surrounding Columbus, NE. We offer a large selection of colors and coatings and have a solution to any painting or coating project at your home.

We can paint the exterior walls of homes, sheds, garage, and other residential buildings and make them look like new again. We can also apply epoxy or urethane coatings to garage or shed floors.

Have a pool? Learn about our pool sandblasting, re-surfacing and painting services.

We can paint any residential surface or structure in Central Nebraska including:

  • Lawn furniture painting
  • Patio Equipment painting
  • Bathtub painting
  • Masonry & block building painting
  • Steel Building painting
  • Garage floor coating
  • Pool and pool deck painting
  • Automotive panel painting
  • Boat painting
  • Utility trailer painting

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